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Draper residents write play, presenting it to public

Thursday, October 06, 20111269 views

 “Knight for a Day,” an original play by Draper residents Paul Gibbs and Patrick Gibbs, is a medieval action adventure tale with modern sensibilities, and is premiering at Draper Historic Theater Monday, Oct. 10.

Princess Ariana would rather fight with swords than wear frilly gowns or dance with a Prince. When good King Cedric and his Royal Army are lured away from the castle so that a band of evil marauders can try to usurp his throne, Ariana gets her chance to prove herself. It's up to Ariana and her faithful companions (and ladies in waiting) to save the day! This exciting new adventure is action-packed fun for the whole family and is not to be missed.

Playwrights Paul and Patrick Gibbs are also directing the production. "I don't want to give people the idea that this is an ultra-deep, message kind of show, because first and foremost “Knight for a Day” is meant to a rousing and fun action/adventure piece,” Patrick Gibbs said. 

“It seems to me that an awful lot of the characters we give little girls to identify with are very passive,” Paul Gibbs adds. “Whatever they want out of life, they rely on their handsome princes or fairy godmothers to give it to them. To me, what makes Princess Ariana strong and heroic isn't that she fights, it's that she takes control of her life and acts for herself based on what she thinks is right."

The cast includes Rosalie Bertrand as the spirited Princess Ariana, and Alexa Rideout and Becky Gardner play her ladies in waiting-turned action sidekicks, Miranda and Gwyn. Justin Bruse is the villainous Cyril, a banished Prince intent on ruling his brother's kingdom. Other key players include Zachari Michael Reynolds as Gaspard, a roguish swordsman with a past, Patrick Gibbs as Prince Phillip, who is line for the throne but has another career path in mind, and Monte Garcia as Bernardo, the charismatic leader of a traveling acting troupe turned mercenaries.

With set design by Joey Calkins, costumes designed by Dana Yvonne Anquoe, and dazzling swordplay, supervised by Logan Young, “Knight for a Day” is a visually spectacular adventure. 

Tickets are $5 for children, $7 students, seniors and military (must present ID), and $9 for adults. All seats for this performance are only $5.

And be sure not to miss out on our “Princess for a Knight” event Saturday, Oct. 22. Join in the fun and come dressed as either a princess or a knight to receive a free medium-sized popcorn or regular-sized fountain drink (limit one complimentary item per guest). We will also be awarding prizes to the best princess and the best knight costumes.


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